• Brynhildur’s Exhibition in the Faroe Islands

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    Nordic House’s summer show opens on the 6th of June and runs until the 24th of August.
    Glass: This fluid, formless material has been shaped for more than 5000 years, with its physical composition, its history, its responsiveness to heat and myriad characteristics.  Because of the way light streams unhindered through glass with its strength and fragility, with its unique beauty and endless possibilities, glass has secured its place in the realm of art.
    In this summer exhibition of 2014 glass is the star. The show gives us the chance to experience the many possibilities of glass through the hands of (artists’ names). These seven artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries share a passion for transforming glass into art. These seven  artists work with and against the characteristics of glass, each one using its potential in their own way.
    Tróndi Patursson (FO), Brynhildur Thorgeirsdóttir (IS), Pipaluk Lake (DK), Kristiina Uslar (EE), Outi Turpeinen (FI), Onnu Viktoriu Norberg (SE) og Brandi Patursson (FO).

    More about the exhibition is here